Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dr. Who Quilt Done and Delivered

I finished this quilt a couple of months ago, but forgot to post it.  Oops.  It was made for my soon-to-be daughter-in-law and I think she was pretty pleased with it.

This was fun to make.  All the Doctors are embroidered in the blue squares.  The miscellaneous blocks featuring sayings and a couple of the characters are done with fabric paints, except the weeping angel; she is embroidered.

Patterns for this quilt are courtesy of Jennifer Ofenstein at Fandom In Stitches (  She has some wonderful embroidery and paper-piecing pattern and they are all free for personal use and charity giving.

Second Quilt Completed and Delivered!

I had dinner with niece Debbie and cousins Kathy and Ann tonight.  Afterwards we went to see the UNC Clef Hangers, an all-male acapella group. They were joined by the Demon Divas of Wake Forest Univ., a female group.  Both were absolutely wonderful.  If you get a chance to see them, GO.

Before we ate, I gave Debbie her new quilt.  It's a wall-hanging about 22" x 22''.  Here are pics with some close-ups of the quilting:

After taking these pictures, I noticed a couple of spots I thought needed a little more quilting, so the finished quilt has diagonal lines in the green corner triangles corresponding to the tan corner triangles. And a couple of places in the center square has a bit more echo quilting.

Two down!  I have 3 more nieces' quilts to go.  One has just returned from Missouri Star Quilt Co. where I sent it for quilting.  One is at my sewing machine being quilted by me.  I can handle the small quilts, but prefer to have the larger ones done by a long-arm quilter.  Maybe one day I'll try to tackle a larger one, but not yet.  The last one is for my youngest niece.  Since she isn't on social media and doesn't get on the computer much, she hasn't chosen one yet.  I'll probably choose one to make for her and surprise her with it.

Tonight I'm feeling very accomplished and happy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Making Progress

I am pleased to announce that in February I completed and delivered the first completed quilt for 2016!  [YAY! Throwing confetti!! Balloons falling from the ceiling!!  Champagne being poured!! etc.]  I took the quilt to my beautiful and compassionate niece, Robin. We met for lunch and I gave her the quilt.  It was a great success - she cried, I cried and we had a grand time.  Silly me, I forgot to take a camera to record this momentous occasion; but I did take a picture of the completed quilt before it left my home.

Piecing by me; quilting by Missouri Star Quilt Co. 
I sewed on the binding when it came back from them.  

Next on the Agenda:


  1. Shortly before Robin's quilt arrived, I sent off Dianne's quilt to Missouri Star.  It should be back in a week or so and I can bind it and it will be completed for her.
  2. Debbie's quilt is on my sewing table right now and I hope to quilt it myself and have it completed as well.
  3. I had an unexpected quilt need come up this month - a baby quilt for a sweet little girl.  I also hope to quilt it myself and have it finished by the end of March.  I'll deliver all three of these at the same time.  


  1. Right now I only have one quilt goal for April.  I sent off Vanessa's quilt to Missouri Star today (March 16) and it will probably be back in about a month.  

And that's all for now, folks.  I must get myself to the sewing machine.